My Work So Far

This is some of the work I’ve done so far (mostly watercolors from Italy, some sketches from figure drawing, and oil paintings from the past two weeks on Paros)


To Start…

From the About section…

My dad told me he doubted the best writers instantaneously devise great literature. He hypothesized that they keep little “libraries” of characters, sentences, and blurbs that they think of at any given moment and jot down for later use. I thought it was a great idea, that no one actually did it, and that I definitely should. I started my library this summer and resolved to continue my endeavors while abroad with the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts this fall. Thus this blog will serve as my library throughout Italy and Greece, although a blog that everyone can see begs better editing than a cryptic Word doc.

While the library thing is a well kept secret, there is no doubt that the best writers have some of the most remarkable, or maybe just the most remembered, experiences, and that these adventures make great writing material. But this blog serves a greater purpose than writing alone; I want to create a record of my thoughts, experiences, and artwork during what marks the most momentous chapter in my life so far. Furthermore, holding myself accountable for my memories – my stories – is essential to preventing the too-present drunkenness of Greece sunset painting.

I didn’t need an explanation for blogging. After all, there are blogs on collectible dinosaur figurines. And you would read that too if you were interested, no matter its introduction. Don’t. It may not actually exist. Long story short (/just beginning): welcome to my library.

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